ONLY send Ethereum (ETH) to the above address. All transfers are final & refunds aren't possible. You probably shouldn't buy these. Please don't sue me.

The Boring Token is a digital currency that represents novel ideas, and may one day be used to transact underground tunnel systems, electric vehicles, solar cells, and even interstellar travel. Probably not though.
But maybe.

Highly limited asset, 100,000 total supply, ERC-20 token standard, only 89,933 tokens left.

Is this a joke?

Yes and no. Like most other cryptocurrencies, there is little to no intrinsic value to The Boring Token, but it is still usable and can hold value. Maybe lots of it one day. But probably not.

Why did you make this?

It was created for the love of crypto, technology, and The Boring Company.

What can I do with these tokens?

The Boring Token is a standard ERC-20 token, meaning you can really just hold it, and transfer it. Maybe one day it'll become something more.

Which wallets can I use to hold these?

Any ERC-20 compatible wallet should be fine. We recommend either Trust or Coinbase Wallet.

Will it make me a millionaire?

Possible, but unlikely.

I have another question.

Feel free to email We'll respond within a day.

The Boring Token is in no way affiliated with The Boring Company. Yet.

gary the snail